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  1. My daughter is 5.5 and reading on 3rd grade level books like American Girl chapter books. I am always searching for wholesome books at her readability level but that aren’t too above her in content appropriateness. Would you give me advice on whether these books you recommend would work for her at this age? Thanks.

    1. My advice is to stick with picture books at this age. There are many challenging picture books to read, but few contain the same level of mature content as chapter books. Many of the easier chapter books have such simple language that they are actually a LOWER reading level than the picture books that people steer clear of. 🙂

  2. We have quite a few of the series you mentioned, but I have never heard of the Chosen Daughter series- Thank you so much for sharing it 🙂

  3. Thank you for this post and all of your wonderful resources. I admire you so much, you are a faithful servant of the Lord, keep up the good work. I did want to share that when my girls where younger we used Beautiful Feet’s guide Teaching Character through Literature. I only used the guide for the younger ages, but they also have one for older kids. We enjoyed all of the books very much.

      1. How do I find a booklist that is appropriate for my daughter’s level 4th grade?

        Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the list – I love getting new books to read with the kids. 🙂 We love the Grandma’s Attic Series – I thought you might like to know that there are actually (at least) 9 in the series. We have that many anyway. 🙂

    1. Can you tell me the titles of the other (at least) 5 books in The Grandma’s Attic series??

  5. Thank-you for this list Kim!! We love the Moody’s series too 🙂 Will be checking out all these others you mentioned…so glad to know of more “good” books. Some we also enjoy are the Millers series…Wisdom with the Miller’s,etc. Also, the Little Lights Series, with titles like Will You Pass The Salt ( Hudson Taylor), etc. You can find those at ?

  6. Hi,

    My two are huge readers and I simply cannot keep up with the amount of books they read. Of course, I’m quite picky about what they read and love some of the suggestions you have.
    We have many horse books, as in Pony Pals, but I’m wondering if you know of any dog books. My youngest is desperate for some Christian books about dogs and I can’t seem to find any.
    Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Patricia St John has a lovely Christian book with a dog. I believe it’s called Friska. She had another one with a kitten too.

    2. Patricia St John has a lovely Christian book with a dog. I believe it’s called Friska. She had another one with a kitten too.

    3. My daughter loves pony pals! We just finished a book from the series- Animal ark. My daughter is six and is OBSESSED with animals so I thought I thought this might help. Animal Ark is the name of the family’s vet business. They work with all kinds of animals (kind of cool). Just in case though- the book we just read a lamb did get bit by a dog and was pregnant and they both died. My daughter was sad but has been around things like that before- if your children have not… you might want to wait or explain. It literally was about two paragraphs and that’s it!! Hope this helps!

  7. What a great list! We have been looking for chapter books with good morals and I can’t wait to check these out. We recently discovered the Imagination Station books and I love the Christian values in those and that my kids are picking up some history at the same time.

  8. This is great! I’m ordering grandma’s attic and Teddy’s button now. Thank you for this list. Please keep adding to it. I really believe books are a way we help train up our child and impart things to them. Even Jesus spoke parables to help us. Thank you.

  9. Love Teddy’s Button and The Basket of Flowers (all all Lamplighter books we’ve read). My girls love the In Grandma’s Attic series, too.

  10. Great and helpful post thanks!! What do you think about the Cul-de-sac Kids book series? My daughter has read 2 books and so far she loves them.

      1. Cul-de-sac Kids books are Christian. Each one teaches a life lesson. They can be found at
        Just FYI 🙂

  11. An oldie but a goodie that I just feel like I have to mention is the Little Women books by Louisa M Alcott. I have just reread the first two books (Little Women and Good Wives) and am now reading Little Men. I read Little Women as a child and loved it, but I didn’t realise that there were more books in the series! I am learning so much about having a good christian attitude in trying circumstances even now at 30, I wish I had paid more attention when I was a tween/teen!

    Another good horse series that promotes working hard and is definitely discourages ‘boy craziness’ is Thoroughbred. It is allabout horse racing, so that might put some people off, but there is a lot of good in these books. They are not written from a specific Christian perspective, but they are still full of wholesome goodness, especially horses! I just devoured the when I was a girl (I started reading them when I was about 8) and now they are our bedtime story books with my son, who also loves them.

  12. I am searching for a book or short story with a book that I remember reading to a younger sibling years ago. Even as an adult, it really taught me something and now I can’t remember it to find it.
    All I remember about the story is it is about a child that has either little bugs or other mystical creatures that live in his room and something about them praising and loving the boy they knew as creator. The story was teaching about ‘works’ above love I think and the past I remember was about one of the ‘things’ getting focused solely on carrying a sign praising the boy, I think. I wish I remembered more but just mainly how I felt about it and how much I would love to find it again.

    If anyone knows what I might be talking about, I would sure love ideas. Thanks

  13. My oldest has just recently developed a love for chapter books and is blowing through them. I’m not familiar with any of these books…are they appropriate content for a seven year old? Thanks!

  14. If you haven’t, check out the Priscilla Shirer books “The Prince Warriors.” They are wonderful! We use them as a read a loud and are waiting for book 3. Even my husband has gotten in to them and prefer we read this one while he is home.

  15. Hi Kim! Would you recommend any of these as a read aloud for Kindergarten/High School mix (I know, large age gap ;)?

    1. I don’t think there is ever a gap that’s too large. Even as an adult I love to hear stories. However, if your kids are currently of the belief that certain levels are below them, it might take some retraining of their thinking!

      1. Thanks, Kim! I do agree and they all love to be read to. I guess what I should have asked is if you feel any of your recommendations might be a bit much for a kindergarten read aloud. They all sound great…many I had not heard of before. Thanks again. Prayers for a fruitful 2017-2018 school year! <3

        1. Oh, sorry! They are all fine except for maybe Basket of Flowers. That might scare young children if they are sensitive to it. My 5 year old boy was fine. My girls probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it at that age.

  16. What a wonderful list!!!! I am adding each book to my Amazon shopping cart as I read this! I have been so discouraged getting books from the library only to find out that by the 1st or 2nd chapter there always seems to be something in conflict with our Christian faith! It is difficult to thoroughly read every book our kids pick out, so I usually just skim through it, read the summary and hope for the best. Thank you for taking out the guessing work. I am so excited to get started on a wholesome, Christian-based library of my own!

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