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  1. I have to say I am a bit disturbed by this post. Not only is there very little scripture to support it, it is very close minded and judgmental to kids who have sincere struggles like ADHD, Autism, etc. I can continue to teach my child Biblical truths and hold them accountable to the Character of God we should strive for, without being obtuse to the fact that some kids aren’t displaying “bad behavior” because they don’t believe, or as you could interpret this post, don’t believe hard enough. It’s like telling a person with anxiety they aren’t praying hard enough.
    Some more scripture as well as mental and behavioral health knowledge and examples and understanding would go a long way.

  2. Sometimes behavior problems are belief problems, but sometimes they are not. Like Heather mentioned, sometimes behavior “problems” result from sincere struggles our child might be having. (Not to mention, are we any different as adults?). Other times, behavior “problems” result from the natural and normal immaturity of children. Maturity grows slowly over time, and is different for each person. Additionally, there are even other times where behavior “problems” are an indication of other issues: perhaps a conflict with a sibling/relative/friend, perhaps maltreatment or abuse by another person (typically an adult, but not always). These are true not only of children, but also adults. Having correct beliefs are important, but whether or not we have them now: Jesus is the same and when he has saves us, we are still saved. And if only life were that easy and simple, that having correct beliefs fixed all our problems.

  3. My son Struggles with adhd symptoms, and yes we have to parent him differently. But that doesn’t change the fact that kids AND adults act on sin because we don’t believe what God’s solution is the better option. Every time we sin is a great opportunity to grow our faith! Nobody’s faith is perfect “Roman’s 7 “ that’s is not the point! To grow in faith is the point

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