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  1. I have older kids and would love recommendations on a devotional or stories that are more in-depth and thought provoking (books that take multiple nights to read would be fine!) to share with them.

    1. If you have never read the Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – it’s a must read especially for older children. It has such a beautiful message and it brings us all to tears every year when we read it.

  2. We try to read Jotham’s Journey every year. Every other chapter has is a little intense. My oldest grand child would be “Don’t read it; I don’t want to know; read it I have to know.” There are three other books that go along with it but we have not gotten through those yet.

    1. Oh, Dilana, if that’s not a budding voracious reader, I have never heard of one! Love that reaction!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful list. Every year we read one special book on Christmas eve with our 9 grandchildren. Last year we chose The Light Gift from The Keeping Company. It is so good and they all re read it over the holidays

  4. “Piper’s Night Before Christmas” by Mark Lowry and Martha Bolton is a great book my kids have always enjoyed!

  5. Orange for Frankie, Christmas in the Morning, Night Tree, Welcome Comfort, Christmas Tapestry these are all so wonderful!

  6. I was going to recommend the Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey and Frankies orange and I see they are both recommended in the comments. They are two that I was fortunate to share with my library classes in my 40 years of teaching. The illustrations and change in verbs, and descriptions of Jonathon used in Jonathan Toomey were an integral part of the story. It was fun to talk about this with the students. These books were a wonderful way to share Christmas and Christian values in a subtle way. I enjoyed learning of some other titles and authors that I wasn’t familiar with. Thank you.. Christy

  7. “The Littlest Angel” by Charles Tazewell is one of the most beautiful Christmas stories I have ever read. It’s about a young angel who hears that the Savior of the world will be born and is unsure of what to give. It goes into a little backstory of his time from when he enters heaven up to that point and how hard it was for him to adjust. The first time I read it I was sobbing by the end of it. Thankfully my daughter was asleep at that point because I couldn’t even read it aloud. The book was written in the 30s or 40s I believe, so the writing is excellent and it has a higher level vocabulary.
    The books listed here seem really good too! Thank you Kim and other commenters for your recommendations!

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