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  1. I loved your RACK idea and printables. My daughter and I have been doing this and are having so much fun giving to others. It will definitely be a tradition for us. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  2. I soooooooooooooo love these ideas!!! Thanks a lot for sharing Kim!! 🙂 I will make some funny food for my 3 kids this year 😀

  3. I believed some of your freebies have been deleted since I got a couple error message showing not found. Is that possible?

  4. Thank you for all these ideas. They are easy and great ideas. This year we will definitely be implementing many of these ideas. We will be moving this year five days before Christmas . So the easier Christmas traditions the better for us all. The ideas seem to be lots of fun. I have children ages from 23 down to 4 kids and all. We will definitely enjoy all of your ideas! TYSM

  5. Advent wreath. I thought that was what you ment. We did those in the Free Methodist church I grew up in. We go to penticoastal now, which dont do them. I have one at home because I always loved it. Search for it online to get what each week is. I always have to check for the order. But it peace, joy,love, hope. The Christmas eve is Christ candle unless you have lite others off of it all month. Seen it done both ways. Then light you hand held candles off Christ candle for your own candle light service.

  6. I love all of those! I’m definitely going to try the lights scavenger hunt. We already do a manger but we use Rice Krispies instead. I’ve had better luck with it but taking over! Lol but I’ve never seen anyone else do the manger instead of a regular gingerbread house besides my family. I’m glad we are not the only ones.

    Other things we do are The Shepherd on the Search, a ton of crafts, Christmas tree pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast (though it might as well be cake with all the candy and whipped cream), and then on Christmas Eve we do a bethlehem meal (that’s when we read over Luke 2) and sleep on the floor in the living room with the Christmas tree lights on all night!

    Christmas is such a wonderful time to do fun things as a family. I’m really praying that my kids always remember the fun they had and most especially the importance of our Savior. 🙂

  7. We decorate the house with Nativity scenes from around the world. There are almost 50 in our collection! Our grandsons go around to count them every year.

  8. We started this last year-we do a baking fundraiser to help pay utility bills for those who are struggling. Our kids do all the baking (usually just focus on one baked good) while we all go around and advertise. Last year we were able to pay for 3 people’s bill for 2 months! We are going to do this every year to help others out during the stressful season. ❤️

    We collect Christmas houses so every year we find one more to add to our collection.

    Our kids each have their own Christmas tree so they can put on their very special ornaments from family members throughout the years. Every year they get a surprise new one!

    We make a list of people we want to give our family sugar cookies to. We put them in Christmas bags and spread God’s joy to them.

  9. Literally crying reading this. I struggle with comparison sometimes our budget will be tight this year but this is giving me the warm fuzzies and helping me get so excited. You’re right, we don’t need tons of money to make great memories! Thank you so much!

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