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  1. Thank you for this wonderful list! My 3 yr old is an only child but I feel like we live in a toy store. I will definitely use several ideas from here this Christmas.

  2. Oh thank you for this great idea!! I AM the big black bag lady and my in laws are WAY OVER THE TOP with Christmas gifts galore, all to be forgotten or trashed before the new year has time to ring in!

  3. All great ideas! We have 10 children, and the tidal wave of toys became unsustainable several years ago. My kids love getting gift cards (it usually means a special shopping trip with Dad or me,) and magazines are always a hit. My personal fave is an annual state park pass! We love hiking, and the pass blesses us with the outdoors and family time all year long!

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  5. Thank you for this wonderful list. I struggle each birthday and Christmas when family and friends ask “what do your boys want?” and I can’t think of anything besides “clothes.” My boys actually don’t play with “toys” and it seems like a lot of people don’t want to give gift cards or cash. They want the gift recipient to open a toy. I love this list and I think that the gift givers will be very happy with many of these and our boys will be super happy receiving them!

  6. I have been doing experience gifts for my grandkids for about 5 years now, for both Christmas and birthdays. Tweetsy Railroad, Safari Park, Zip lile passes. They make suggustion through out the year. This year for Christmas Musical for my granddaughter and her mother, a two day rafting trip for dad and grandson. I think I am as excited as they will be.

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