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  1. Excellent parenting techneque!!! You are making good use of the little bit of time we have parenting before they ARE in the world on their own.

  2. I really liked that, I have two little ones that are 18 months apart and they love to tattle on each other. I think in my own way I have done that, but I hope to improve on teaching my kids discernment skills for sure. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. I have that same sense of humour and use it all the time with my kids. It’s like over exaggerating a silliness so they can see it as such. Maybe lessons are easier to take when we are relaxed and having fun with someone we love. God or our parents.

  4. AMEN. nd I teach mine. Obey God first then MOM AND Dad. if someone in class at church or just someone at church tells you something different then mom or dad have told you, its no. its a lie. its untruth. unbelievable what some people believe and will teach kids even at church. never checking to see if the Bible says what they were taught at school growing up. they just keep going on with the public lies of school.

  5. I love your newsletters that come into my e mail. They make my day along with the inspiration which you can never have enough of. Thanks again!

  6. I love your playfulness in teaching truth! And that God is the ultimate in everyway. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

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