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  1. Yes! A million times yes! Kim, once again, you speak to my heart. So many of these things weigh on my mind and soul. It is our responsibility as parents, not the pastor or teachers, to ignite a love for Christ and His church! We should not seek to entertain our children as we do our “Sunday duty” of attending church, but completely engage them in learning more about their Heavenly Father. You and your posts and resources are such a blessing to me and my homeschooling family. God is using you in a mighty way!!!

  2. I would add the advice to start preparing on Saturday night. Or at least be sure you are getting up in time on Sunday morning. I personally am guilty of sometimes leaving too little time to get dressed Sunday morning. If your kid’s main memories of Sunday morning involve running, scrambling, yelling about clothes, barely getting to church in time for the singing, etc. then you are probably sending the message that church is not convenient, not worth your time, and so on.
    Thanks for these other great points.
    Do you ever run into the problem of very well meaning teens (or other adults, I suppose) trying to entertain your kids for you during service? I am involved in the background of running one service at our church, and there is a teen who occasionally ends up sitting with my daughter and handing over her phone to play with. I know the basic answer is, ask her to quit, but I just feel awkward about the whole situation. The teen really thinks she’s helping. I think if it was another adult, I might feel more comfortable speaking up, but I hate to alienate her.

    1. I would definitely just explain to the teen. All people who think they are helping do so with the intention of actually being helpful. It’s totally ok to help them see how they can be more helpful. Just do it kindly. And yes, getting ready the night before (or getting up in time) is crucial for good attitudes before you go to church!

  3. Hi, I found your post off of Pinterest. I loved the points you talked about. Its going to be helpful for me ,I have two under two.

  4. Great article! I like reading from someone who likes to get to the heart of the matter. Thank you!

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