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  1. This is beautiful in every way. I am in deep grief, navigating the emotions stemming from great losses and this story is another piece on my healing journey. Thank you, deeply. Prayers for continued blessings to you and your family ?

  2. The openness with which you share your precious family’s journey is beautiful. Many prayers for continued healing of your sweet little boy.

  3. I enjoyed your story of a need for a sudden stop; I think most mothers have made them, too. I had a friend who called dandelions “God’s favorite flowers…they must be, He made so many of them. If your car is big enough for Luke to manuever a urinal (about $2 at a drugstore) enroute or even a can with a snap on lid, and enough privacy, you may be able to alleviate that need for a sudden, maybe unsafe stop and alleviate his anxiety as he can be responsible for himself. Give him a hug from all of us who follow your stories.

  4. Amazing. Beautiful. Touching. ?God is so good! And you, my friend, may have so many reasons to give up and quit, but WOW the grace that God has given and continues to give you. Blessed is what you are! Thank you for the encouragement! You are one loved lady! I will never look at a dandelion the same way.

  5. You are so dang lovely, Kim…continuing to pray for Luke, and for you as you mother him and the rest of the gang through this uncharted territory. JESUS plus nothing equals everything…xoxo

  6. This is so beautiful and enlightening. I wish that every ine who is going through a difficult season in their life can read this, because it will giv e so much hope and faith in the goodness of God

  7. Thank you so much for this beautiful Story. I so love reading how your faith has taken you through so much. My oldest daughter was brought back to God by reading your stories as she fought breast cancer. Reading your stories has helped her and me to have a stronger faith in God. I don’t home school because all my children are grown up but I read everything you write. God Bless you and your family.

  8. As a older mother of five almost all adult children now. My heart was clinging reading your story. First the laughter of days gone by when you mentioned the van stop and the urgent potty break. We had many of those days traveling. So my smile came. Then the hurt and empathy for you as we to experienced a very similar life shaking experience with one of our children. Then when you spoke of the dandelion my mind immediately went to no no way more than a weed EVERY PART IS HEALING!!! LoL then I saw reading further you already had that knowledge as well. What beautiful analogies you made for us all to ponder. Thank You and we to will be praying for our God is Mighty!!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts as you go through something no one would ever wish upon themselves…a precious child with cancer. Thank you for reminding us of how God uses the trials to grow us in our faith and in our relationship with Him! Isn’t it awesome how He places object lessons all around us! I am encouraged. ?

  10. As a cancer mom too, I couldn’t help but “shudder” when I started reading about the dandelion story. Our son’s cancer side effect was compared to a dandelion and how it’s blown from here to there. So, I have not been fond of dandelions. But.
    Your story brought me new clarification and new reason and new hope.
    My son’s date of diagnosis “ironically” is June 1, 2012. Yes. Tomorrow.
    We’re celebrating almost three years cancer free.
    God is good. In whatever circumstance.

  11. My journey and gut punches are very different than yours – it’s my own very aggressive cancer that (unless by God’s miraculous healing) we are only trying to slow down a bit. Each scan has shown progression, each dr’s appointment has been how to best manage the new complications caused by where the cancer has metastisized to or whether chemo/treatment can take place or whether we need new game plan….and today was no different. My oldest daughter goes with me so we process things on the way back, then have to catch the rest of the immediate family up when we get home and then try to figure out how to package the news out to friends and extended family and church family. I opened facebook to see if I could start a post and found this whole piece on the dandelions….it’s all I wanted to say to others, but put in such a beautiful word picture that I just have to ask if I could quote whole parts of it to express how my and my family experience God through this tough journey. I’d like to do that acknowledging the source because that also, to me, shows so many facets of God’s provision and care He is taking of me through this in giving me – in such perfect timing – comfort, encouragement and assitance in furthering others seeing the God I know and want them to know. Thank you for such sharing such personal insights and experiences to so many, and please let me know if I can share with more – either by sharing of the full post or by sharing extracts as they fit in my missives, again giving credit of source, with the whole purpose of encouraging and gently nudging others in their own relationship with our great and loving God. Either way, thank you for the lift this gave me after a tough day at the dr’s today!

    1. Hi Cathie,
      You are welcome to quote parts of this and then share a link back to the post where they can read the entire story. Praying with you!

  12. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. My family and I are just beginning a very trying season (that seems so small when compared to what you and poor Luke are going through!). And I have been having a very hard time since the diagnosis pulling myself out of my “funk.” But your post is exactly what I needed to hear! I have already printed the the scripture to hang around my house to remind me of the beautiful dandelions and your lovely post. I have been a reader since before Luke’s diagnosis and my family will continue to pray for your’s. You are all an inspiration!!! Thank you so much!!!

  13. I loved the comment about your young son. These days it is a 69 year old woman who has her 69 year old husband to pull over because she is incontinent. Because of so many health problems. But he finds a place to stop when no cars are coming and helps her go the best he can. After 50 years of marriage we help each other with our problems.

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