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  1. How wonderful and what a blessing to have found your blog……love these and I can think of quite a few friends who will too….I’ll be directing them here to get them, that’s for sure!
    Thank you so much

  2. I will be these to a friend, who is battling esophageal cancer! Thank you! I will also use them as I have chronic back pain from an injury! Thank you so much!!!

  3. I want to thank you for this resource. it has been a blessing to me in a different sort of way. I have several friends who are going through some challenging trials in different parts of the country and I am not able to physically be there to listen or hug them. So, I feel like God led me to this to print the cards out and mail them each one every few weeks to a month, depending on the person. I just came back as yet another friend is feeling forgotten by God, as she put it. Having been very discouraged for a few years just a short time ago, I know there is nothing I can really do for them to change things but I know I CAN encourage them, and more importantly with God’s Word! I don’t live in an area with a Christian bookstore nearby so it is nice to have something I can print off at home and utilize. Thanks again!

  4. You are truly a blessing! I have suffered with many trials in my life, and God has ALWAYS been my constant. However, there are times when getting up, grabbing my Bible and finding a verse, just seems like too much work. I have some scripture posted around the house, but these printables are even better. I am so thankful and have been binge-reading your site all day! 😉

  5. Thank you for these free printables… I read them them every day so that “they may be bound to the tablets of my heart.” I love and appreciate your ministry.

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