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  1. Thank you for sharing your recommendations. When I chose my College, I also made various plans for assessing the hostel and the level of education. This is very important because often, for the hostel also need to pay. Students often have several options:
    – To live in a hostel, and to be content with those conditions which are, to be near College.
    – Or rent a separate apartment. That of course not everyone can afford + there is a chance to be much further from College, will have to get every day.
    Therefore, it is very important to immediately assess all the pros and cons of the future place. To your choice was conscious:)

  2. Do you have a post that teaches different study methods for tests? I always just crammed for things in public school because of a good short-term memory. I would like my kids to have more options than that!

    1. No, but that’s a good idea of something we should write! 🙂 We use several things. My favorite is really simple. We fold the paper in half longways (hot dog) style. Then list terms, ideas, etc on one side and the answer on the other. You can flip it back and forth to study. Saves a TON on flash cards and just the act of writing it out goes a long way!

  3. The blog post is great. The article looks at a simple plan for homeschool assessment by grade level. Homeschool assessment is important for people to improve their learning. The article says that ‘Most parents didn’t even know where to begin with the process of assessing and documenting the progress of their children.’ The article will help homeschool families feel comfortable documenting progress devoid of the extremes and without feelings of failure.

  4. I homeschool our kids and our state requires testing or an assessment done by a certified teacher that is currently working as a teacher in that state. My husband is a certified teacher teaching in our state so I have often wondered if he can asses them since the state doesn’t say anything about it.

  5. Hi,
    Do you know of any achievement test that access the current grade level in math, reading, writing? I’ll be pulling my son out of school at the end of this school year and want to provide material for him that will be at his level. Thank you!

    1. Most achievement tests should give you a general idea of what grade level he is in these subjects though even within the same subject there is some room for variables.
      Both the Iowa and the Stanford achievement tests (along with others I’m sure) are recommended among homeschoolers.

    1. Just for primary levels. For grades 3+ there are different methods of assessment, this is explained later in that post.

  6. Honestly thank you so much for your page. I’ve perused all kinds of topics on your channel, and I always thoroughly enjoy all of your content.

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