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  1. Yes! I can’t do work on this and make it certain that they know. They probably know some, as we have done The Talk study. But I want them to have this foundation to feel strong.

    1. I have ordered the pack. Could you tell me the differences between the Parent, Youth, and Junior studies?

      1. The parent guide contains the resources to guide your discussion such as Scripture, additional reading, and questions to consider. The youth and junior notebooks do not have that. They simply have age-appropriate writing spaces to record your family’s statement of faith. All 3 versions have the 7 lesson study at the beginning.

  2. Yes, we’d love to join you. My children are 14 and 10, so we’ve been addressing these issues as mainstream media is heavily promoting lifestyles that are inconsistent with what is best for them. Just last night, we decided as a family not to continue watching a television series we’ve been enjoying as it began promoting a storyline we don’t find consistent with our values.

    What you wrote about throwing your children unprepared to the wolves is so accurate.

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