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  1. You are so right. Having a plan is the most important strategy to eating healthier at home. I do it a little differently though.

    We’re not fond of made ahead foods or leftovers. I’m a food snob, I know. I don’t like to cut a vegetable until I’m going to use it so I don’t lose more nutrients. I have a whole slew of fast simple recipes at that I use. As long as I have some meat thawed and vegetables on hand, we’re good to go!

    Yes, I cut everything as I need it. May seem like a pain to you, but it only takes a few minutes really, and I’m not spending a couple hours on weekends pre-cutting. Just my preference.

    And teaching your kids to cook is one of the best gifts you can give them.

    Oh, and if you need more motivation – at 59 years old, I wear a size 3. My 24 yr. old daughter wears a 5. We live a busy and active lifestyle and can’t afford to feel lethargic like you do after eating processed or fast foods. Food for thought…

  2. Hi Kim,

    I needed to read this today. I have been making a weekly meal plan/grocery list for years now, but since becoming a single mom and heading back to work, I find myself cooking less. I don’t like how many meals taste after cooking in the crockpot all day (and one can only eat so much soup). I always prep a batch of muffins or quick bread for an easy breakfast/snack option for the week. In winter, I like to make a big pan of baked oatmeal with various toppings on the side, and that will last us a week (me + 3 kiddos). I usually prep veggies or fruit but not always. I work long days and am tired when I pick up the kids. Sometimes, I can prep meat or veggies ahead, but not always.

    I’m praying about how to make this a goal for the new year (without heaping more guilt on myself if I fail….). I am going to look at $5 Dinners as well as a website a friend told me about, No More To Go – which gives you menu plans and shopping lists for a small monthly fee. Honestly, sometimes not having any ideas is half the battle! haha

  3. Hi Kim!
    We are in a season where we seem to need some help in getting routine and prepping ahead. I have been using your Breakfast Stations for a few years and love them! Any thoughts on if or when you might make something similar for lunches? As a homeschool family that would be amazing!!!
    Hope you are all doing well.
    Thanks for all that you do!!!!

  4. ive tried over and over but i just cannot get the hang of meal planning. as close as ive gotten is thinking of things i wanna make, and making a shopping list including those things and then making them as i go.
    i have also never really had a freezer big enough to store a whole lot. the one we have now is a lot more accessible than the one we used to have.. but its still not really that much bigger. we have a chest freezer at the in laws and they are using it right now – we’ve never had it here because we have nowhere to put it. we have a garage, but its gravel and has no electricity to it except for an extension cord from the house :O probably not wise to have something in there permanently hooked up to an extension cord. 🙁

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