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  1. Awesome post. We’ve lost so much of this as a society that tries to do as little as possible. Life would be so much better if everyone were to live this way.

  2. Great reminders! I have young adults back in my home and a refresher wouldn’t hurt. Would this study be appropriate to do over dinner with adult children or is it geared towards younger kiddos? Thanks!

    1. The youth level of this study could be done by young adults! It would be a great reminder 🙂

  3. Hi Kim!

    My 4 kids range in age from 7 down to 2. We do a morning Bible time over breakfast (I read the Bible while they eat/color at the table). How would a study like this work? Would it be conducive to multiple ages and doing around the table after breakfast? About how long does each day’s lesson take?

    Love perusing your studies! Have yet to try one, but love to read your articles, as they always inspire me in raising my kids for the Lord.

    1. The primary level of the study would work well for your kids ages 4-7. At this level you would read it with them, then they could fill out the second page of each lesson in their own books for personal application. 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am reminded myself to be thankful for my job. Your post helps me to realize I am capable of more than I actually give. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord.

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